Friday, January 25, 2019
10:00 – 12:00 GMT
Robotics for young people in Russia

We invite you to join our webinar.
You will know how Innopolis University develops robotics in Russia.

Organizer of Open Olympiad in Robotics of Innopolis University
Olympiad Robotics Project Manager at Innopolis University
Open Olympiad in Robotics of Innopolis University
What is it about?
Why is this olympiad an effective tool to develop IT-skills of young people?
Which challenges of the olympiad will attract your teams?

Lead specialist in the department of project-oriented competitions

Judge of WRO International Final since 2013, Head Judge of WRO ARC on the International Final since 2016, Member of the WRO Games & Rules review panel since 2015, academic supervisor of the tracks "Intellectual Robotics System" and "Financial Technologies" in the Olympiad of National Technological Initiative
Academy driven robotics challenges
What approach is used by Innopolis University to design new robotics challenges based on the requirements from the academy.

How topics usually considered only by school students during preparation to International Olympiad of Informatics or International Olympiad of Mathematics are integrated into the robotics assignments and that's why it brings new adherents to robotics classes.

Besides of existence of such robotics competitions for school students like World Robot Olympiad, First Technical Challenge, Robotchallenge and Robocup etc. there is still a big gap between the robotics related topics that is being taught in universities and everything that is related to robotics in the school.

Do these challenges help students to get familiar with basics of linear algebra or differential equations?

Do these robotics assignments help students to understand basics of the graph theory or simple image processing algorithms?

In most cases they don't. But if we compare the robotics challenges with other international competitions like International Olympiad of Informatics or International Olympiad of Mathematics, we will see that these topics are understandable by High School students and can be used for problem solving moreover the most part of real world challenges cannot be addressed without such set of knowledge.

Co-organizer of Autonomous underwater robotics competition at Open Olympiad in Robotics of Innopolis University

Director of the Center for Robotics Development, Mentor of the teams-winners of international competitions in underwater robotics
Competition of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) for school children
Review of international competitions in underwater robotics
AUV competition history at Innopolis, Russia
Features of AUV competitions in Innopolis, Russia

Co-organizer of Autonomous aerial robotics competition at Open Olympiad in Robotics of Innopolis University
CEO and founder of Copter Express Technologies LLC (COEX)
COEX as the leader of Russian drones' educational market: key products.

COO Copter Express Technologies LLC (COEX)

COEX as the center for development of educational materials in Flying Robotics for schools, Universities and additional education centers.
UAV operation trainer, Centre for Youth Education and Training, Copter Express Technologies LLC (COEX)

Flying Robotics module at WRO: preparation and organization challenges. Tasks description. Indoor autonomous flight.
Co-organizer of Autonomous self-driving vehicle robotics competition at Open Olympiad in Robotics of Innopolis University

A bachelor of robotics engineering from Worcester polytechnic institute, a graduate student at the Tomsk state university's department of innovation technologies
A demonstrative SmartCar stand, -model autonomous cars with computer vision capabilities as a foundation for the automobile intellectual robotics olympics (AIRS) rules

Increasing interest in autonomous cars in the world. Participation of many Russian companies in this field dictates the necessity of familiarizing high school students with the basics of such vehicles. The most important system that the autonomous transport vehicles (ATV), are equipped with is the visual recognition system (VRS). It is meant for providing the AI with the necessary information about the surroundings. The developments in neural networks, availability of capable and cheap single-board computers allows to mount VRSs on small model vehicles which are capable of moving up to 1 meter per second, recognize some road signs, traffic lights, road markings and control the vehicle appropriately. Two successful tournaments based on AIRS rules confirm that. Moreover, it shows that it is possible for middle school students (5-7 grade 11-14 years old) to participate in programming the ATVs controller in the Ardublock environment. In this case the single-board computer acts as an intelligent sensor that provides codes of recognized road signs. This allows to interest young children in engineering fields at very young age. Popkov Robotics company has developed these ATVs which are compliant with the AIRS rules.

Co-organizer of Smart city project competition at Open Olympiad in Robotics of Innopolis University

Urban planner. Master's degree of Vysokovsky

Graduate School of Urbanism in Moscow, Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Physics and Mechanics of Materials in St. Petersburg
Introduction to the Smart City concept to creation the projects in the field of information technology and urban planning

"Smart City" is a concept that is widely and sometimes inappropriate used by urbanists around the world. This webinar will help you to understand the concept using a rigorous conceptual framework based on system and urban planning theory. The transition of traditional old cities to "smart cities" is not a spontaneous process. In order to make the transition process correct and beneficial for residents and business, cities must adopt effective management approaches to successfully cope with many difficulties of this process. We will tell you about the most important factors at the stage of transition from "old cities" to "smart cities" and their implications. Topics and cases will be presented at the webinar to introduce the audience with the subsequent competition tasks for the participation in the Robot Olympiad.

Head of methodical center at Innopolis University
The role of competition in education

How the preparation of children for robotics competitions is organized at the STEM centers of Innopolis University?
How mathematics, programming and physics are organically woven into educational programs in robotics?

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