Wanna win WRO?
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Reach for the WRO stars staying at home!
It starts with our WRO Rocket Science online-lessons!
You might think that WRO winners got some secrets and it's a real Rocket Science!
We want to teach you this Rocket Science!
If the world is stuck as your robot sometime, don't pause your mind! Make a new program to create a better version of you!

We've created a good environment for you - this online course is like a Rocket that brings you to WRO stars!

Alex Kolotov

Teaching assistant at Innopolis University
Not sure if it's suitable for you?
No need to worry, just answer these questions
Does your robot try to move along a black line, but it's losing it constantly?
Are you programming your robot to navigate through a path, but it still fails to turn properly?
Does your robot detect color of objects not reliably?
It's everything OK with your robots on trials, but it fails during an official attempt?
If you said YES, we've got a SOLUTION for you, but …
… you should have some background.
You are ready, if:
you are interested in robotics and want to win in robotic competitions;
you have basic skills of work with Lego Mindstorms EV3;
you operate with variables and arrays easily, so you consider yourself mature enough in programming.
We've gathered relevant topics for you
The course consists of 3 modules
Precise movements
Drive and turn smoothly and at a given angle or distance, avoiding typical errors and interference
Reliable navigation
Navigate on the field fast and reliably following lines of different color and thickness without typical errors and interference
Filters and sensoring
To work effectively with sensors to avoid interference by using multiple types of filters and to identify game objects
Check your skills at a WRO Rocket Science final task!
No robot. No field. Just stay home!
Find a solution for lockdown period:
The participant's task is to program a robot that will help identify citizens with and without special permits and transport cars whose owners do not have a permit for parking
All tasks are performed in the Virtual Robot Toolkit
We've gathered our knowledge and developed a unique system to upgrade young roboticist!
11 January –
31 January
11 January –
31 January
Learn Tips&Tricks
Watch 12 short animated videolectures, which include theory, examples and explanation of algorithm.

The whole stuff is explained in a simple and interesting way! If you want get more detailed info, so read through the textbook with comprehensive explanations.

11 January –
31 January
11 January –
31 January
Put your learning into practice
To keep your knowledge, practise after every lecture.

Use Virtual Robotics Toolkit to solve assignments.
1 February
1 February
Take part at the final task!
All the learners will take a part at the final task to prove their knowledge.

The final task is based on WRO field and going to be held in Virtual Robotics Toolkit.

Communicate and get feedback!
Participate in the discussion of assignments and the final challenge with other. participants of the course and consult with the mentor throughout the training.

Why join?
  • Learn wherever you are
    You can study from anywhere in the world!
    Just stay home
  • Learn whenever you can
    Study all staff and do exercises at convenient time
  • No hardware is needed
    You don't to install a lot of fields at your home or gather your robots! Just practise your skills virtually!
  • Mentors's support
    Our experts are ready to answer your questions during the course
WRO Tips&Tricks
12 interesting animated videolectures
Free chance to prove skills at special WRO Rocket Science final task
What does it cost?
Variety of tasks for practice
Feedback support from our experts
Course attainment certificate from Innopolis University
Course package includes:
$ 95*

*USD Currency Fluctuations may affect the cost of the course
Our team
  • Alex Kolotov
    Expert at:

    • Concept development of robotics competitions (WRO, Olympiad of National Technological Initiative)
    • Leading of judges in ARC at international finals
    • Teaching of students at Innopolis University
  • Alexey Ovsyannikov
    Expert at:

    • Concept development of robotics competitions at national level (WRO)
    • Judging in WRO categories at the national and international finals
    • Coaching of robotics teams – winners of national and international contests
  • Roman Solovev
    Expert at:

    • Concept development of robotics competitions at national level (WRO Regular)
    • Coaching of robotics teams – participants and winners of WRO, WRO FIT and WARC
    • Leading of Regular Category judges at national finals
  • Irina Lyubina
    Expert at:

    • Concept development of WRO in Russia
    • Coaching of robotics teams – participants and winners of WRO and WRO FIT
    • Leading of Regular Category judges at national finals
    • Leading of the National team coaches
  • Rustam Kagapov
    Expert at:

    • Organizing WRO at national level
    • Leading of WRO judges at national level
    • Judging at WRO international finals
    • Developing Innopolis University robotics contest
  • Elmira Zakirova
    Expert at:

    • Organizing educational robotics projects and activities at Innopolis University
    • Assisting with the development and implementation of the training course
    • Developing partnerships and professional networking
Our partners
Innopolis University is an academic partner of WRO. We formed and prepared the Russian national team. Since 2020, Alexander Kolotov is the first Russian member of the WRO organizing Committee and a developer of concepts and tasks for the new Future Engineers category.
We provide methodological support for 9 international and Russian Olympiads and competitions for schoolchildren in computer science, mathematics, robotics, FINTECH, information security, and engineering and scientific project tasks.
In 2019, we involved over 35,000 students from various countries in our 26 educational camps and contests. 5 of our Olympiads are supported by the Russian Union of School Olympiads, which gives benefits when entering Russian universities.
We are good at WRO
We know how to teach
We like working with students
Why Innopolis University?
Since 2014, we have ben holding our own robotics Olympiad in programming of intelligent robotic systems (mobile robotics, self-driving cars, IoT). Since 2020 this is the main robotic competition at the University.
We regularly conduct advanced training courses for coaches and teachers.
We have our own robotics contest
We work with teachers
If you have questions
Feel free to contact us
1, Universitetskaya Str., Innopolis,
Tatarstan, Russia, 420500